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Laws of Attraction
By now you know that visualization is one of the most powerful tools you can use
to create the life of your dreams. It is through constantly putting images in our
mind that we are able to cheat our subconscious, making it feel as if we are already
living -and enjoying- our dreams. It will in turn help us identify or create
opportunities we hadn't seen before. This is where a good old-fashioned Dream
Board comes in handy.

But, what is a Dream Board or a Vision Board anyway?? Simply put, a Vision Board
is a visual representation of our desires. It helps us stay focused on our dreams and
know why it is we started doing everything in the first place. Hanging your Dream
Board on a wall that you frequently walk by -at least twice a day- keeps reminding
you of your dreams and what you wish to achieve. It constantly puts positive
thoughts in our mind and keeps us from procrastinating our own well being!

Ok, I get the idea, but how do I make a Dream Board?
First, there are several very important things you need to keep in mind when
making a Dream Board:

Do it yourself
Don't ask your secretary, assistant, spouse, etc. to help you out with your Dream
Board. These are your dreams and your Dream Board therefore needs to be done
exclusively by you. Sure, you can do a family Dream Board, where you put all of
your common wishes together, but again, it must be done by all the members of
your family. It cannot be a task you assign just one of your siblings.

Do it without the use of technology
This also applies to writing your goals. Something magical happens when you write
your dreams down in paper with your own hand, or glue pictures of your desires
together on your board. You are making a statement that you are serious about
this and you are taking the time and making an out of the ordinary effort to do
this. You are getting out of your comfort zone and not taking the easy way out. It's
not about how good it looks, but about how you took the time to think it through,
selected the perfect image that represents your wishes the most, and how it will
make you feel once it is ready and every time you walk by it.

Ok. All set! Now to the fun part! Here's what you'll need:

- A poster board
- Glue
- Photos, magazines, newspapers, etc. (Anything that has pictures in it)

Your Dream Board must contain images of what you want. Take some time to think
of what it is you want to come to you in the future and group your wishes into the
following categories:

1.- Material: Stuff/Gadgets you'd like to own
2.- Family: Where and how you see your family in the future
3.- Mental - Intellectual: Education and personal development
4.- Recreative - Social: Fun, entertainment, travel
5.- Spiritual: Identifying your own beliefs. Living according to your principles and
6.- Health - Fitness: Self image, nutrition, etc.
7.- Charity - Social Help: donations, help for the needed, your contribution for a
better world. Something that you may not achieve in your lifetime, but will be
remembered for.

Now, search for images in your photos, magazines, print images you find online,
that represent these wishes according to the following criteria:

- These are your dreams. They must represent something you want to happen to

- The pictures must make a specific statement of what you want. If it is a trip to
Bora Bora, don't look for an image of white sand and turquoise waters that could
very well be located in the Caribbean. Look for images of the specific hotel you'd
like to book, even the specific room you'd like to stay at. If you want a Million
Dollars, take a one Dollar bill and draw six zeroes on it, or write a check to your
order for this amount. Don't look for an image of a lot of Dollar bills that could
easily amount to ten thousand, which can represent a lot of bills on a picture…

- If you can't find a specific picture, write down phrases that inspire you, that
represent your wish. You can also draw your dream if you so desire.

- Write down motivational phrases like
"I can achieve anything I want", or
"Manifesting my Desires is easy for Me"

- Leave the center of your Dream Board to you and your family.

Now put the picture of you or you with your family right at the center and start
gluing your selected pictures around this image, reserving a space in your board for
each category. It doesn't matter if one category uses up more space than the
others, as long as you have at least one picture for every category.

When you are finished, hang it on a wall you walk by at least twice a day. Try to
make a habit of stopping in front of your board every time you walk by it, taking a
deep breath and reciting out loud the phrases you glued on it. Pay attention to
every image and remember what it represents and how it will make you feel once
you get there. This will help you stay focused and eliminate negative thoughts that
can prevent you from actually manifesting everything in your board.

One final word on your Vision Board:
Show it to everyone!

I know this is something really personal and you probably will be embarrassed at
the thought of someone looking at your Dream Board. Some skeptics will surely
give you a hard time over it, but the truth is that a great part of being able to
manifest your dreams is your level of commitment. Nothing will happen unless you
truly believe you are capable of living the life of your dreams. And showing your
dreams to everyone makes you try even harder. That's because you will need to
prove them you are serious about your quests and your close ones will lift your
spirits if you are ever down. It's like if you want to quit smoking, you need to tell
everyone and their dog about your plans, so that you are really committed and will
think twice about grabbing a cigarette, knowing someone might pass by and catch
you. If you never told anyone, nothing will happen if they see you smoking again…
but if you tell them, you know you will feel embarrassed at the thought of letting
your closest friends and family down.

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